Due to the holiday, Monday 5/27 routes will be pushed back to TUESDAY. Please have all other trash out on regular schedule per usual.

Service Terms & Conditions

Service changes in schedules and equipment must be mutually agreed upon and may result in billing adjustments. All services require a one year service agreement, and will proceed as a month-to-month after that time is succeeded. All rates with the exception of tipping fees for the disposal of solid waste & processing fees for the processing of recycled materials are guaranteed to never increase without the customers notification and subsequent acceptance. Contractor may request a price increase any time after the initial first year of the agreement.

Tipping fees for the disposal of solid waste and processing fees for the processing of recyclable materials are not within the control of the contractor and are subject to changes anytime throughout the terms of the agreement. Tipping/processing fee’s, which are inclusive within a “flat-rated” billing structure, are based on a maximum industry average of 100 pounds per cubic yard.

The customer agrees not to dispose of any type of material deemed hazardous or requiring special handling of any type. Special handling may be required for materials which are bulky, heavy, overloaded, or require special handling deemed by a disposal facility, transfer station, processing facility, or any government agency.

Contractor shall be indemnified and held harmless relative to any and all damages, claims, causes of action, costs, expenses, or other liabilities cause by or associated with any of the contractors equipment (including dumpsters) located on customer’s property unless caused by gross negligence of contractors employee’s. Any damage on contractors equipment, other than normal wear & tear shall be borne by the customer.

Payment terms are upon invoice receipt.

Monadnock Disposal Service Inc agrees to perform service in a dependable, efficient manor, however shall not be deemed to have breached the agreement under extreme conditions such as: storms, strikes, riots, ect.